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    Home Tuition Rates

    Home Tuition Rates

    The tuition rates in Malaysia ranges from RM 50/hr to RM 150/hr. It depends on several factors such as location, level, (school teachers, part time tutors, exam markers or tuition centre teachers). You can use this guide for more information

    Year 1 – Year 3 – Estimated RM 20 – RM 30/hr
    Year 4- Year 6 – Estimated RM 30 – RM 35/hr

    Form 1- Form 2 – Estimated RM 35 – RM 40//hr
    Form 3 – Estimated RM 40- RM 45/hr

    Form 4- Form 5 – Estimated RM 45 – RM 50/hr

    (The fees above is base on estimation. The actual figure may deviate from what is stated in the website) When parents and teachers negotiate for actual fees, please respect each other. Some teachers may request for higher fees if they have vast experience. It is depending from case to case basis

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